Custom Homes

The Process

From start to finish, we manage the entire custom home building process so that you don’t have to! We know that your custom home building experience is important to you, and that you wish to translate your vision into reality. This is why we create a comprehensive plan for the entire project so that you are insured of the design, methods, and time-frame of construction.

Before We Start

Before we begin construction on your custom home, we develop a plan of attack. Additionally, this plan involves an estimate on the entire project so that there is understanding and communication about the construction budget throughout the whole process. Pre-construction planning that the Pace’s Builders Group utilizes also involves:

  • Obtaining required permits
  • Engineering design review and price estimation
  • Electrical, gas, and plumbing design and price estimation
  • Custom home finished-design review and price estimation
  • Scheduling process for the entire project and timeline estimation

Throughout the Process

We understand that you want to be a part of the process on the development of your new home. To keep the project both on time and on budget, we offer full transparency throughout the process. We provide our clients with progress updates so that we are on the same page with where the project is heading. This helps to keep the entire project flowing on the scheduled timeline and also helps to keep costs managed.
Once your new custom home is complete, we offer a number of maintenance and renovation services. If you ever feel that you need something re-done or improved, your team of specialists at Pace’s Builders Group is here to accommodate.

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